Oneplus TWS Earbuds will get fully charge in 10 minutes

Oneplus is always an innovative tech giant and hence it has launch its true wireless earbuds with warp charge feature , which will charge your phone from 0% to 100% in a short span of 10 minutes .

Ever since every company like Apple, Realme, Mi , and other brand have launched their TWS truly wireless earbuds now oneplus have also entered in the truly wireless earbuds market with a bang and Announced their new earbuds which will fully charge in 10 minutes

Oneplus has revealed that its first true wireless earbuds , the oneplus buds , will support the company,s warp charge technology . The oneplus buds which are scheduled to launch on july 21 alongside with its affordable oneplus Nord smartphone will offer the ability to charge your phone from 0% to 100% in just 10 minutes . Oneplus marketing project manager Jay Liu revealed in an interview that , the earbuds will get 30 hour battery life with a single warp charge

Liu explained that the company added the new warp charging since users typically charge their headphones right before they use , unlike their phones that are charged when the battery is low . Liu also added that the oneplus buds case will pack a 430mAh battery that will support a maximum charging speed of 5V/ 1.5A And any charger with over 10W rating can be used to fast charge the oneplus buds case . Liu also quoted saying that oneplus buds , however, will not be getting wireless charging as it may make the oneplus buds costlier .

There has been no word on the pricing of the upcoming oneplus buds and other feature for instant noice cancellation support . Therefore it seems oneplus will unveil everything when it finally launches the oneplus ear buds on july 21 which is less then a week from now .

The Expected price of oneplus earbuds is around Indian Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 as per sources

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