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Sharing files from one device to another is nowadays frequently used technology in our day to day life. Shareit has been a great app in this field. But recently due to chinese apps banned in India, shareit is also banned too. So many indians are finding the best alternative of shareit.

Here we are going to review an app which is near to replace shareit. This company has given its 100% in producing a replica of shareit and have succeded to some extent. And the moat intresting thing is the company producing this app is an indian based.

Best alternative for shareit:

Here many people are facing difficulty in sharing files to other devices as the mainstream sharing app is been banned in india. So every one wants to know that is there any option available rather than shareit. So the answer is YES.

An well knowned india based company MX player has build a file transfer app. This app is made to replicate shareit in indian region.

MX player has recently launched their file transfer application called “MX Sharekaro” which is build as same as shareit. If you look up on to the icon it also replicates the shareit icon the same way.

Popularity of Sharekaro:

As we all know that this is a latest launched app. So it takes time to set your feets in the market. But the company has already started their advertising campaign.

You will see many ads regarding the product everywhere on internet. Company is working really hard to make it know to the people of india.

Also you will be getting this app on both playstore and appstore so it is available for both android as well as ios users. So taking it as a change and respecting the desicion of indian government we should try our own country’s product atleast once. And we are sure it wont disappoint you in anyways. So just give it a try.

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