Best alternative for TikTok.


Indian government recently has banned 58 chinese apps along with tiktok which is the most famous video making app in the world. So here we have the best alternative for tiktok.

As technology is growing and so are our demands growing in the coming years. People all over the world have used TikTok to make videos and gain a fame for them and also fulfill there passion.

But recently due to some border tensions between India and China, the indian government had banned the tiktok app from playstore and appstore. So which is the best alternative for this?

Alternative of tiktok: ( mx player TakaTak ).

As tiktok is facing ban on themselves there comes many opportunities for other platforms to gain fame at this time. So many companies are trying to get their steps in indian video creators market.

Recently an Indian based company mx player known for its well known brand mx player video launcher have tried to replicate an app just like tiktok. As we are talking about best alternative for tiktok so its mandatory to look out to this app called Takatak.

Takatak is an indian based video creating app that allows you to create short videos same as tiktok. Its a newly build app. The company has announced its launch right after tiktok ban.

MX player has tried their very best to replicate their app just like tiktok and they have succeeded to a good certain limit. This app is build in auch a way that its interface is same as of tiktok which gives you feel as if you are using tiktok.

Is TakaTak famous worldwide?

So basically this is a recent launched app and is not famous as tiktok worldwide but the company has already started their advertising campaigns to promote their app.

Also many of tiktok celebrities have moved on this app so as to get themselves a good alternative platform other than tiktok.

The app have gained some good fame in india and is growing day by day with massive response of people registering on this app. And no doubt it has potential to become india’s leading video creator app in near future.

So all the people who are in the search of best alternative for tiktok van try this app called TakaTak from playstore or appstore and continue their passion of creating videos.

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