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Bizgurukul is an indian based website which has been very popular in recent times. It is an indian based website operating from New Delhi the capital of india. Bizgurukul is an affiliate marketing website which gives its users a very great opportunity to hustle and earn a good amount for them. Its not only affiliate which is catchy on this website but their very professional courses they offer. You will get 3 types of courses on this website which will make you an extrovert and boost your abilities which will change your life to its fullest.

How does it works?

Basically its not free and you have to invest a small amount. But wait dont just leave this page from here itself because you will be losing a great opportunity to get your success. As we said earlier there are 3 types of courses stated as Gold course of 3000 Rs. A platinum course of 10000 Rs. And a diamond course of 14000 Rs. You will have to purchase any one course from this which you can afford. After which you will get a lifetime access on this website with daily learning skills and conduction of webinars under experts. They will teach you how you can develop personality your speaking skills and make yourself a brand on website. The courses are worth the prize and you wont regret it.

Affiliate System:

So as you buy the course you have the right to resell that particular course innumerous times as you want.and you get commission for that. The great thing is that you get upto 70% commission on each sell you convert. So lets take some calculations as we have 3 courses so we will see commission on each course.

Gold course commission system:

So this gold course is available on website for 3000 Rs. So if you sell it to any one cuatomer then you get a straight an instant commission of 2000 Rs. On each lead.

Platinum course commission system:

The platinum course is available on the website for 10,000 Rs. So if you sell this once you get instant 7000 Rs. In your balance.

Diamond course commission system:

So this course is offere by Bizgurukul in 15000 Rs. And you can get commission of about 11,00 to 12,000 Rs approx. We dont have date because this course package is not launched yet and is about to launch soon.

Bizgurukul dashboard of affiliate earning.


We have given a brief description about this affilate marketing platform and you can earn as per your hardwork. Obviously you wont get anything without hardwork. If anyone needs a brief description about this then you can contact us through contact form and we will be contacting you in short time. So this is it from the Bizgurukul.

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