Boat Eardopes 441 – Full specifications, Features & Price in India

Overview of Boat earphone 441-

    Boat always known for receiving us more affordable and quality audio products. They always work for providing next generation with additional features with their new products. Here Boat launched  their new boat earphone called boat eardopes 441. This boat Airphones 441 offer you true wireless experience are compact in structure so they easily fit in your ears and seal your ear completely.

             This boat earphones are comes with true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and offer very good clear voice capture (CVC). Model name of this boat earphone is Airdopes 441 and it comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 which help you to faster connect your boat eardopes 441 with your device. Connectivity technology of this boat earphones is HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRAC. You can charge your boat earphones 1.5 hour and stay plugged  into earphones for long with up to 3.5 hour. Upto 10 meter distance your Airdopes is connected to your device. It’s come with insta wake N pair(IWP) technology

It is comes with Insta Wake N’ Pair (IWP) Technology

Specifications of Boat earphone –


       Boat eardopes 441 comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 chip which help to connect a boat wireless earphones faster to your device. it can work with devices having Bluetooth v4.2 or older connectivity options.Also, it consumes less power and offers a longer operating range with lesser impact from Wi-Fi signals over previous Bluetooth versions. Bluetooth protocol of this earphones is HSP/HFP/AVRCP/A2DP. 


         This  boat earphones come with glossy and Matt Finnish. This airdopes are compact in structure and light weight, they seal your ear completely and fit in your ears. Charging case of this boat eardopes 441 is little bit heavy or comes with large size but which easily come in your pocket. Weight of this carry case is 48.5 grams and size is 7cm × 3.8cm × 3cm. On the top of boat earbuds CTC (capacitive Touch Control) given for changing volume, play pause audio or video.


           Earbuds of Boat having a 35mAh battery, this battery made up of lithium polymer. You can full charge your Airdopes in 1.5 hour and it last long upto 3.5 hour. Charging voltage of boat eardopes 441 is 5 VDC and frequency range of this earphone is 20Hz-20KHz. With this boat nirvana earphones you can gate additional battery backup in carry case. Carry Case having a 500mAh power which give you additional 14 hour charging, using this carry case you can fully charge your boat nirvana earphones 4 time. 

    You can put the headphones within the case to charge them, without using any external charging source. Carry case having a indicator LED light. Which glow in different colour as per the battery life  of earphone remaining. At full charging LED glow blue colour, between 70% to 100% LED blink blue in colour. In between 30% to 70% LED glow in purple colour and below the 35% LED blink in red colour.

The boat airdots 441 come with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology


     The boat airdopes 441 come with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology witch splits audio in both mi dots that give you truly wireless experience. With no wire for a tangl free experience. This set of  boat airdots come with charging box for storage and wireless charging for your airbuds, you can simply place airdopes into carry case for wireless charging. This boat earphones delivered extreme simplicity and convenience. For charging a carry case their are Type-C USB port given.


    This new boat earphones are offered in five colour variants – Raging Red, Active Black, Bumblebee Yellow, Spirit Lime, and Sporty Blue. But only Raging Red, Boat airphones 441 are first launch in Active Black and the remaining three colour launch after a week of launch date.


With this boat earphone 441 you get 6mm × 2 dynamic audio drivers which produce deep bass and hight quality stereo audio. You can feel music and enjoy music.


This boat eardopes 441 rated with IPX6 water resistant. It resist water and sweat of earphones, So that you can use carefree during gym or during another work. You can listen music without any fear.


  • 1× Airdots 441
  • 1× Charging Case
  • 2× Pairs of Ear Cap
  • 1× Charging Cable
  • User Manual
This boat earphones 441 rated with IPX6 water resistant.

Features Of Boat Airdope –

    It is comes with Insta Wake N’ Pair (IWP) Technology that powers on the boat eardopes 441 and puts them into connection mode as soon as one opens the lid of the carry case. This boat earphones having a touch bottom on earbuds for changing volume, play and pause of audio or video and main features of this boat earphone is simply touch your earphone and you can activate Google or Siri without using mobile phone.

Price Of Boat earphones in India-

Price of boat eardopes 441 price in India is Rs. 2,499, price on Amazon is same Rs. 2,499 and on Flipkart price is Rs. 2,999.

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