How to Wave on Facebook. Step by Step.


Waving on facebook is a pretty cool feature. But it is very difficult the find the waving option. The user interface of facebook is to tough that it will take you hours to find some options. Today we are going to see step by step guide of how to wave on facebook.

Facebook has always been a difficult to use. Specially while using website. So it is difficult for many users of facebook to find the amazing features of this social media platform.

I was struggling to find out how to wave someone on facebook. I always have to go with normal ‘Hi’ just because i was unable to find the feature. If you also have similar situation the you must read the following steps and get a solution for yourself.

facebook wave icon

How to Wave on Facebook (desktop)?

These are the steps to wave on facebook through desktop:

Step 1:

Login to your facebook account by your username and password and go to your homepage.

Step 2:

Select the CHAT option on the right side of the page. Be aware if the window is minimized maximize the window.

Step 3:

Those from your friend list will be online. They will be shown by a green dot. Take your cursor on there names. And a waving sign appears.

Step 4:

As the wave sign appears beside click on it. And this is how you can wave through desktop.


If someone is not your friend list then you cant wave them. You will have to be friends first.

How to Wave on Facebook (mobile messenger)?

messenger wave setting

These are the following steps to wave on faceboon messenger:

Step 1:

Open the facebook messenger app.

Step 2:

After this locate ‘PEOPLE’ option on the screen which will be at bottom side.

Step 3:

Now choose ‘ACTIVE’ from the top of the screen.and you get a list of online friends at that time.

Step 4:

Now you will see the wave button beside the name of the person. Tap on the wave button and its done. It is so simple in the messenger.

How to Wave on facebook (mobile application)?

These are the steps involved in the procedure so follow them to wave easily on application.

Step 1:

Open your facebook app first. If you are not logged in, log in yourself first with username and password.

Step 2:

You will see 3 lines vertically at the top right bar. Tap on them.

Step 3:

Select messenger from the list which will be displayed. If you cant find messenger, select on ‘see more’ option to get more options.

Step 4:

After finding messenger find the people active section in menu. And after this you will find wave option beside the names of people and you can easily wave them.


Now you all know how to wave someone on facebook. Its displayed in very easier steps above.

So as we have discussed above that how to wave on facebook through various modes. Hope this steps have solved your problem. Now you can easily wave at someone of you dont have anything to talk.

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