Oneplus 7 Pro vs Oneplus 7T. Which is a better Buy.


Technology is holding its feet tight in our day to day lives and no matter what we rely 90% on technology for our day to day works. Many things come in consideration get tested get accepted or rejected. But setting up your feet in this giant market is very tough for the beginners. As there are thousands of brands working here, its difficult to get known yourself a brand. Today mobile phones industry had taken a giant step in our lives. Approx every middle class person owns a smartphone. From being a luxury its now a need for people.

Many brands had overtook the market giants in India. Brands like Xiaomi had took the whole smartphone market to next level beating giants like Samsung and Apple. In recent years a well known chinese brand also setup there feets in this market and got fame all over the world. ONEPLUS established in 2013 is now one of the giant in smartphone industry. The company is known for its quality products and remarkable specifications on their devices. Today we are going to compare two one of the best devices of oneplus known as “oneplus 7 pro” and “oneplus 7t”. Basically we are looking on upto oneplus 7 pro vs oneplus 7t.

oneplus 7 pro vs oneplus 7t
Oneplus 7 pro vs oneplus 7T


Lets talk about the processor of this two devices. Processor is the core of devices which help them device be strong in multitasking and various functions like hardcore gaming etc. Here both the devices are build up with best processors like oneplus 7 pro comes up with snapdragon 855 and the oneplus 7t comes up with 855 PLUS. so here oneplus 7t beats oneplus 7 pro with its plus version in processor. Oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7t are beast in operation.


After we look up on to processors we come up on here storages are also a important part on your device which gives you access to store a large data in your device. So basically device with more storage will be good for the user. But here oneplus had amazed us with its specs on this device. Both devices oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7t come up with 128 GB internal storage. Here we see the storage same in both devices so there is no much comparison in this section.

oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7t rear cameras
Rear cameras of both devices


So next we move on the the camera section. Now here we have many photographer friends who look up on best camera devices. Photography on mobile is now a trend in youth so companies always try to improve their cameras accordingly. So here both the devices come up with triple cameras. Oneplus 7 pro comes up with triple cameras 48MP+16MP+8MP combination whereas oneplus 7t comes up with 48MP+16MP+12MP combination so here there is clear difference in third camera of the devices in which oneplus 7t gets a higher megapixel camera so here oneplus 7t is better in this category. Also front camera is a need now for better selfies. Users higly demand better selfie cameras so both the devices come up with a 16MP camera in their front side so you will get a great selfie to upload on social media.


Now we are moving up on battery section. This section is also an important part of the device. As we are moving with greater technology there is a need of how long can the smartphone be alive without charging. As many people work in offices or while travelling battery plays a major role as while travelling there is no source of charging your device. Also the gaming geeks also need a good healthy battery for them so that they can enjoy their favourite games for a longer time. So here there is not much difference in both devices batteries as oneplus 7 pro comes up with 4000 mAh batter and oneplus 7t comes up with 3800 mAh battery life. So here oneplus 7 pro takes up on oneplus 7t in this particular category.

RAM (Random Access Memory):

Now we come up on a major part of the device which shows how powerful your device is. Basically oneplus always ensures the quality of their devices and dont compromise in the quality anyhow. RAM is a major part which always gives a better experience in use for the device. so here oneplus 7 pro comes up with 6 GB RAM and oneplus 7t comes up with 8 GB RAM. So here oneplus 75 takes over 7 pro.

oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7t display
Display of both devices


Display is the key ingredient in look of the device and also makes look it more attractive.nowadays notch displays have a great look and so are our both devices having notch display. But this ia not only the case they both have a different dimension of display so lets see them. Here oneplus 7 pro comes up with 6.67″(16.94)cm display and oneplus 7t comes up with 6.55″(16.64)cm of display so in diaplay wise we prefer oneplus 7t is better as it has a little small display which is comfortable to use.


Finger print sensor is a best example of peotecting your devices and getting your devices privacy which help you to protect your private and personal documents. Both devices are supported with in display fingerprint sensor so as you get a highly secured device to use and you wont be worried about your private documents.


Here operating system is the heart of device and its the main reason that devices come up with work successfully. Oneplus never compromises in such categories and peovides the best out of it. Here oneplus 7 pro is build with “Android v9.0 (pie)” operating system and oneplus 7t is build up with “Android v10 (Q)”. So here 1+ 7t comes up with better operating system.


Here oneplus 7t comes up with a price tag of INR 37,999/- and oneplus 7 pro comes up with the price tag of INR 48,999/- so both devices are priced upon their specifications.


As we have looked upon the various categories of the both devices and have compare oneplus 7 and oneplus 7 pro in many aspects.personally i have reviewed both the devices and have come to conclusion that both the devices are superb and they have their own significance. Its hard to choose one above another as there is no compromise in quality from oneplus. If you have a tight budget than i would suggest you to buy oneplus 7t which is a good device and if you have a good decent budget than you can go for oneplus 7 pro anyways both the devices are upto the mark. The choice is yours now.



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