Oneplus Z renamed as Oneplus Nord.

First look Oneplus Nord.

Technology is taking a greater jump in our day to day lives. We have a huge amount of gadgets launching everyday through various brands competing with themselves in this big industry. And so a well known smartphone brand is about to launch a flagship device in upcoming month of july. Oneplus has announced that they are working on a device which will be low budget for the people.

Oneplus announced there recent flagship device Oneplus Z. The rumours of oneplus Z have been roaming on social media from a couple of days but recently Oneplus has cleared all the rumours andmade it easy for the pwople to understand that what they are going to experience in this device.

Oneplus Z or Oneplus Nord?

There were a lot of rumours on internet that oneplus new budget flagship device name will be Oneplus Z, but oneplus recently stated in their announcement that the device will be named or called as Oneplus this rumour is cleared by the company and now we have a specific and perfect name.


The other rumour on internet about this device was that this device will be launched with a supersonic snapdragon 885 processor, but recent announcement stated that the device will be launched with snapdragon 765 processor which is just great in budget device like this. So this rumour is also cleared.


The device will be launched with a 6.5″ display with corning gorilla glasses and in display fingerpeint sensor. The screen refresh rate will be 90 Hz. Here some people will say there should be 120 Hz refresh rate but 90 Hz refresh rate is good in such budget flagship as you get only 60 Hz in other devices.

What will be the price?

As the company has stated that they will be launching a flagship device in upper budget. The company has given a hint regarding the price of the device.we dont have an exact price for this but the approx range of the device will be ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 INR.

Oneplus Nord will be launched on 10th of JULY this year.

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