Pubg mobile announces its world league 2020 to be held in poland in next month.

Mobile gaming has grown massive after the online ahooter game Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds or PUBG. Also mobile esports have been under consideration after the launch of this game.Previously there was not much scope for mobile esports but the launch of PUBG turned the tables. Now the mobile esports is turning to be a greatest success in gaming industry and many countries are about to take part in this.

PUBG mobile has its esports department called “pubg mobile esports”.The CEO of pubg mobile esports wing has just announced that due to COVID-19 it has been very difficult for the team to decide whether the championship should be conducted online or offline.

There also has been a problem of connection between the leagues because of large number of teams participating in this tournament.But finally they have made a decision of conducting this tournament online. There was a conduction of a league called pubg mobile pro league which took place in different region according to the continents.from each region there will some numbers of team qualifying for semis of world league.

The pubg mobile esports wing has setup two regions for conducting semis.which will be east wing and west wing as followed.each wing will have 16 teams to compete with each other out of which 8 teams will qualify for the finals from each wing.The process of conduction of pubg mobile world league 2020 will starting from 10july to 9th of august this year in POLAND.

Pubg mobile esports is known for its successfull conduction of events in every manner. The CEO also has announced a massive prize pool of 8,57,000$ which is a huge amount for all the teams participating. The teams have a lot of its to earn and also make their country proud. The esports wing of pubg mobile has also released a trailer of their brand new eaports studio where the championships will gonna be conducted. All the updates regarding this will be found on pubgmobileesports official youtube channel. So stay tuned thwir for further details.


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