Samsung m20 vs m30. which is a better buy?


The smartphone industry is growing day by day and so are our needs. Today we are demanding well specification device with a budget price. Its difficult for companies to fulfill these needs bud some companies are upto the mark. Today we will be talking about samsung m20 vs m30.

Samsung has always been a brand in the smartphone industry. The company has always amazed us with the quality devices. No matter what but there is always a demand for samsung devices.

So here we are comparing two of samsung devices namely samsung galaxy m20 and m30. We will see a complete comparison between these devices so without wasting anymore time lets get started.


1. Display comparison of samsung m20 and m30:

Lets start with the display here both the devices are approx same in display. But if we talk about the exact number we have a display of 6.3″(16 cm) of display in our samsung m20 and you get a display of 6.4″(16.26 cm) in samsung galaxy m30. So here we have a decent lenght of display in both the devices so i wont prefer any device over other in this category. As the only difference in length is of 0.1 inch. Therefore here both devices are equally preffered.

2. Storage comparison of samsung m20 and m30:

Moving on to the next topic here we are comparing storage. Storage is a much required aspect because nowadays people keep their favourite movies, videos, songs,documents saved in their device so a big storage amount is always required in the device. So here in samsung m20 we get 32 GB of internal storage and in samsung m30 we get 64 GB of internal storage. So according to storage m20 has less storage and at times it is not enough so m30 takes over m20 in this aspect and i would also recommend the same.

3. RAM comparison of samsung m20 and m30:

As we move on to further points we come up on comparison of RAM. Now in todays life RAM is a important part because many people keep on multitasting on their devices.

Also they are needed for the gaming lovers and all. So talking of RAM we get 3 GB of RAM in m20 device and 4GB of RAM in m30. So here in terms of RAM m30 takes over on m20 and is also recommended by me the same.

4. Battery comparison of samsung m20 and m30:

The next point is battery. As we are looking for the battery lets look into its importance. A good and huge battery is always required while travelling and other stuff. Also its is required for gaming freaks as the battery drains faster.

so both the devices of samsung come up with the same battery backup of 5000 mAh. Here both devices have same battery so there is no point of comparison in this aspect.

5. Camera comparison of m20 and m30:

Coming to the comparison of camera. High profile cameras are nowadays need. As many photographers perform their hobby on mobile phone. So samsung always takes care of its camera. Samsung always focuses on highly build cameras in their device to get a good output.

Here samsung m20 comes up with a double camera setup stated as 13 MP+5MP rear camera and 8 MP of front selfie camera. Whereas, samsung m30 comes up with triple camera setup stated as 13MP+5MP+5MP rear cameras and front selfie camera of 16MP respectively. So here m30 takes over m20.

6. Processor comparison of samsung m20 and m30:

Processor is called the heart of the device. It should be strong enough to uphold all the activities. A massive processor is always a need for gaming freaks and also multitasking.

So here in these devices comparison both the devices have the same processor geared on them stated as “samsung exynos 7 octa 7905”. So here we were expecting a latest processor in m30 but this processor is also completely fine. Here both devices are good with processors.

Pricing comparison of samsung m20 and m30:

Talking about the pricing samsung galaxy m20 comes up in a price of 10,990 INR, whereas samsung galaxy m30 comes with a price of 16,490 INR.

personal review:

Samsung has always been a good product to the customers. so coming towards the conclusion of the article. i have seen the both devices and have felt that samsung m30 is a little better choice than m20 as it has beaten m20 in various aspects. So i would recommend you to go with samsung m30. And this is the end of the comparison of samsung m20 vs m30.

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